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- June 20th, 2016 - 

FTK organized a very successfull 2nd Guinguette in Shenzhen with more than 250 people attending !

But what is "Guinguette" ? 
Guinguette is a French tradition dating back to the 18th century.
Tying up with the past, Guinguette nights aim to be popular and festive. Officiating as a food and a public dance place in an outdoor French style cabaret, Guinguette evenings intends in simplicity to provide an access to to French culture.
Each Guinguette is unique but the roots keep unchanged : live music, french food, french drinks, and a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

French Touch Kitchen warmly thanks the GUINGUETTE CHAMPÊTRE partners & sponsors, that helped to make this event happen !

Our Official partner :

Our Food & Beverages sponsors : 

Our communication sponsors :

Our Charity partner - Guinguette accessories sales to the benefit of the charity !!  (more info on Captivating International on their website www.captivating.org ) :

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